Choosing Your Careers in the Sims Mobile Game – A Detailed Guide

What makes the Sims Mobile game so exciting is the fact that you can create entire life-cycles for your characters.

Unsurprisingly, this life-simulation game has already racked in over 40 million downloads since its launch in early 2018.

A significant part of your Sims will be their careers. Without giving them apt careers, you won’t be able to make their stories enjoyable.

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Here’s a detailed guide on all the careers you can choose from in The Sims Mobile Game –

Options of Careers in the Sims Mobile Game


You have seven career options. In each of them, you can reach to a maximum of ten levels (except for Barista). Here are the seven careers in order of availability –

  1. Barista – This is the only career option available for players under level eight. The responsibilities of being a barista include – making coffee, entertaining your customers, and interacting with the boss.

Rewards – You get to add basic kitchen tools to your collection in addition to your remuneration. The barista career has five levels.


  1. Culinary Expert – Available once you reach level 8, in this career, you can become a culinary expert. Your place of work will be in Market Square. To progress to level 10 in this career, you will have to save a restaurant from bankruptcy.

Rewards – You will get to add some advance pieces of kitchen equipment after completing this career. Expect to earn rewards such as countertops, knives, etc.


  1. Fashion Expert – Once you pass level 10, the fashion store in Market Square is unlocked. Your Sim will become the town’s chief fashion expert.

Rewards – A career in fashion in Sims can be extremely rewarding. You can earn dressers, mirrors, and clothing items. Recently, the Sims mobile teamed up with ASOS, the online fashion store, to create a time-limited fashion career. The game might launch some other similar collaborations in the future, so it is advisable to have one or two of your Sims in the fashion career.

If you are thinking about why don’t you get free simcash and simoleons in the game as a reward against your careers, then you should understand that there are even more things very necessary in the game except the premium currencies of the games.

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  1. Physician – The hospital unlocks after you reach level 12. Located in Market Square, by taking up a career in the hospital, you can become the town’s most famous physician. There are ten levels.

Rewards – Treadmill, towels, and a poster for your home. Use the poster to complete your Home Improvement tasks.


  1. Business – The City Centre is unlockable only after level 15. In the City Centre, there’s a place called the Agency. To unlock the Agency, you will have to pay 2450 Simoleons. Here you can launch your business career.

Rewards – A shelf and two posters for your home.


  1. Lawyer – The Government Center is located in the city center. Similarly, this center is unlocked after you pay 2450 Simoleons. For your first case, you will have to solve the case of a vanishing sweater. Available after level 15.

Rewards – Chess pieces and dining room chairs.

  1. DJ – Unlock the club after level 23. To unlock the club, you’ll have to pay 2450 simoleons.

Rewards – Speakers, posters, and Wi-Fi.

Which career is the best option for your Sim? Choose wisely!

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