Kim K Currency Guide

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currency Guide to Know the Gaming Process

Learn this Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currency Guide and get advanced in the game very quickly.

If you are new to Kim Kardashian Hollywood, then you need to know about its various aspects. The game is all about gaining more fame and fans for your celeb.

You can customize the look of your celeb to get the attention of others. Your celeb can also perform various jobs in order to get a reputation and earn money.

A good strategy is required to make progress in the game. Always try to make an effective plan and then implement it step by step to get the real benefits.

Along with other aspects, players should also focus on managing funds, which they should do very smartly. Many in-game currencies are available in the game that players should earn to make progress faster.

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Try to know the importance of all in-game currencies and then start playing the game to get a top position on the list of a-star celebs.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currency Guide to Win the Game

1.      Cash

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cash

The green bills are considered as cash that you can earn by completing any work. When you finish any world, then your account will be credited with the cash.

Well, it is also required for various purposes like traveling, buying accessories, and going on dates. It is not easy to get cash while playing the game, and that’s why you should put your best possible efforts.

You can spend cash whenever you want to make progress faster.

2.      EXP

Kim Kardashian Hollywood EXP

EXP is also an important resource that players can acquire by any job in the game. Well, EXP is required for various purposes in the game.

Usually, it is required to level up faster, and it also dropped like the money. Try to collect it as early as possible to make your task easier. Never forget the importance of EXP as it has great importance.

3.      Energy

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Energy

No doubt, energy is required for completing various tasks in the game, including the jobs. When your celeb go on jobs, then they always require energy to take various actions.

That means it is hard to ignore the importance of energy in the game. Try to gain enough energy to complete all the tasks quickly.

With time, the energy meter replenishes automatically. Every five minutes, you get one energy that you can spend to perform your jobs.

4.      K Stars

Kim Kardashian Hollywood K Stars

The role of k stars is significant as it is also difficult to ignore by the players. Well, it is also known as an important virtual currency that you can use for various purposes in the game.

You can’t earn this currency in an easy manner, and that’s why you should spend it wisely to make progress faster.  Moreover, have a look at to know the best possible ways to earn them legally.

With the help of k stars, you can buy the desired clothing as well as other accessories from the store. Also, spend this currency to get the luxury items in the game.

Once you understand the importance of all in-game currencies, you should try to earn them by using effective tips and tricks.

Also, try to manage these currencies because without having enough currencies, you can’t get a good number of fans.

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