Toy Blast Hack

Top 5 Toy Blast Hack and Cheats to Level Up Faster In the Game

Toy Blast Hack

Toy Blast is a match-three puzzle game available for android and iOS devices. You can solve the initial stages with ease, but later, you may face difficulties.

To beat all the difficult stages, you need to follow the effective toy blast hacks to advance the game. There are lots of them and one can see top 5 of them that have been mentioned below.

1.      Connect the Game with Facebook

Connect with Facebook

If you are playing Toy Blast, then you should connect your account with Facebook to enjoy some perks. When you link the Facebook account with the game, then you are able to claim your bonus.

You should take benefit of this feature to enjoy several perks while playing the game. You also have an option to ask your friends for extra lives.

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Look for your friends who are playing the game and then get their assistance to play the game in a better way. Get lives for free to solve any difficult stage and improve your ranking in the game.

2.      Create Combos

Create Combos

It is not easy to solve match-three puzzles at every stage of the game, and that’s why you need to be smart. When you start solving puzzles, then you should make a good strategy in mind.

After this, try to take your steps accordingly to get the desired success. Players should create combos by matching the two special tiles.

With the help of this, you are able to clear the entire board quickly as well as in an easy manner. By considering this tip in mind, you are able to get three-stars at every level.

3.      Complete Main Objectives

Main Objectives

At every stage of the game, you will be provided with a unique objective that you need to accomplish quickly. Instead of wasting your time to clear the board, you should focus on your main goal.

Try to know about the main objective and then work on it to get the best outcomes. Try to attain your goal associated with a certain level to make progress faster.

Keep trying to accomplish your objectives in order to earn a good amount of coins.

4.      Save Up Your Moves

Save Your Moves

When you begin to play the game, then you will be provided with a unique goal at every stage. You need to accomplish this goal quickly by using the number of moves that you have.

Try to save up your moves while solving the puzzles. If you are saving up some moves, then you can exchange them with the boosters, which are really beneficial.


Try to make the most out of boosters to speed up your progress. Instead of buying boosters, you can get them with the help of saving moves.

5.      Make the Most Out Of Special Tiles

Use Special Tiles

While solving a puzzle, you can get the three different types of special tiles. It is important to know about these tiles to get benefits.

You should determine the use of these tiles and the ways to get them. You can easily make the rotors, which helps to swipe all the tiles in a row or column. You can get amazing benefits with the help of all these special tiles.

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