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Wwe Supercard: How to Improve Your Deck?

WWE SuperCard is an excellent card Battling PVP game of wrestling. If you are aware of the game mechanics of the card-battling game, then you must know the vitality of having rare and legendary cards.

Even if you do not have legendary cards, a higher rarity and higher legacy card are always an essential part of your deck before you enter into the ring.

If you are planning to play wwe supercard, then NOW is the best time to enter in the world of wwe’s virtual universe as in the trend of wrestlemania, wwe supercard is offer even more rewards in the game than ever before.

In this post, we will provide you the tips for getting more cards so that you can have a higher probability of getting Titans and train them with the champions to improve your card stats.

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How to Get More Cards in WWE Supercard?

WWE Supercard Get More Cards

  • You will get one starter pack, which will get you some Cards in the game. The starter pack is completely free, and you need not spend a dime for it. You can start playing the game with these cards.
  • After you start playing matches, you will enter into the wild section. After every match of the wild section, the game will reward you with some draft pick.
  • The draft pick gives you random cards in the game. In every Draft pick, you will get one card, may that be a super card or a support card. So if you draw more pick, you will have a higher probability of getting rare cards.
  • Every win at the Wild mode will give you two draft picks, and if you lose, you will get one pick. However, if you win all three matches of any game, you will get one additional bonus draft.
  • Winning all three matches will reward you with one energy card. Energy card fills your exhausted Energy in the game. They are quite essential in modes like King of the Ring.
  • When you are in the draft card pick section, you can have an opportunity to get more cards through watching a commercial. On the top of the screen, there is a tab for watching the video. If you watch one video, you will get the chance to draw four additional cards, and that is quite a rewarding part of spending only thirty seconds. It is one of the best wwe supercard hack that you would like to know for free energy and cars.
  • The best part is you can watch the video after every match. Hence on every match-winning, you will get three drafts, and watching a video will reward you four cards. If you use all these cards at a time, there is a high possibility of getting rare cards.
  • However, if you spend gold coins, you can purchase one draft pick. The amount of coins that you have to spend for each draft is 50 coins.
  • Using unwanted cards, you can train your titans or legends. Use them appropriately and fill in the deck with the highest rarity cards. The reward system will automatically impact when you have a higher number of rare cards.
  • Training your Wrestlers and improving their strength is an essential part of playing the game. You need to know the card rarity before you train with others.

With all the above WWE SuperCard Tips, you can ensure secure wins in the Wild and War rings.

However, we have separate tips for the King of the Rings, and you must not miss any of these posts.

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